Foul Papers

Now, but not now. Dodgy Conservative politicians on the make, cryptocurrency shenanigans, the growing intrusion of technology into cultural life, meretricious celebrity, media manipulation, the commodification of everything, and in particular the relentless digitisation of life. In the space of a mere 20 years, we have moved from a paper-based culture to a digital one. And yet that earlier culture lingers in attics, lofts and archives, mouldering, threatened by decluttering, house clearance and commercial rationalisation. But what secrets might there not be in these countless repositories, were they to come to light? Information that could rewrite history or unlock forgotten wealth. Foul Papers is a satire about just these aspects of modern life. It is Eamonn Vincent's third novel in this vein. Welcome to the world of Charles Davenport and Sarah Greenstreet. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" Sir Walter Scott "Foul papers - pages of a first copy, defaced by corrections." Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

This is Eamonn Vincent's third novel. He has previously published Who Was Nightshade?, Event/Horizon, Me Neither, a memoir of the Seventies and Eighties and two volumes of poetry Only More So and Even More So, all available from Arbuthnot Books. He is currently working on a sequel to Event/Horizon and a new set of poems.

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