Event/Horizon is a postwar coming-of-age story, in a broadly comic mode, but touching on darker aspects of the period, as well as on love, loss, and the pains of growing up. Set in Cambridge in 1974, it interweaves aperçus of academic life with those of the local poetry scene, theatre life, and the era’s counter-culture, — rock music, drugs, and casual sex — with all of which its hero, would-be poet Steve Percival, finds himself having to grapple, in his quest for love, enlightenment and artistic fulfilment.

Apart from Event/Horizon Eamonn Vincent has published a memoir of the 1970s and 1980s Me Neither, two volumes of poetry Only More So and Even More So and more recently Who Was Nightshade?, a comic spy thriller set in the 1960s. All titles are available from Arbuthnot Books.

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