It is 1931, and the world has taken to the air: ‘You couldn’t switch on the wireless these days without hearing news of the latest feat by Miss Johnson or Commander Kidson; the newspapers, too, were full of their exploits…’


For blind War Veteran Frederick Rowlands, the craze for flying which seems to have affected all ranks of society holds little interest - after all, he is never likely to set foot in an aeroplane… But then a chance meeting with a famous flier draws him into the glamorous - and dangerous - world of aviation, and he finds himself caught up in a web of suspicion, jealous rivalry, sexual betrayal, and murder.

Following 2015's Game of Chance (“Vivid, detailed... an excellent read”–Literary Review) and 2014’s Line of Sight (“compulsively readable”–Heat, “beautifully envisioned”–The Lady), AC Koning returns with Time of Flight, the third novel in the 'Blind Detective' series.


Praise for The Blind Detective series

“Vivid, detailed… Rowlands comes to life in a way that few fictional characters do... an excellent read”–Jessica Mann, Literary Review

“Beautifully written, the period feel is utterly convincing, and the hero - who is blind - is one of the most fascinating detectives”–Amanda Craig

“Koning's elegant prose, psychological acuity and, above all, meticulous sense of place raises this far above the average genre novel. An engaging and enlightening read”–Michael Arditti

“A great opener to what promises to be a compulsively readable new series…"–Heat Magazine

“Beautifully envisioned... with great attention to period detail, Koning has wholly captured the flavour of the era” –The Lady

“Touch, hearing, smell and visual memory created such a full world that it was hard to believe it hadn’t been described visually”–Helen Dunmore

Time of Flight
by A.C. Koning

ISBN 978-0-9927467-4-2