A young woman learns that the man she loves has been killed fighting in a foreign war. She decides to visit his grave—or the place where his grave would be if he had one… For this is South Africa in 1879, and the British army has just suffered the worst defeat in its history.

Laura’s journey alternates with an account of events leading up to the battle—seen from the point of view of Theo, her lost love. Other perspectives are those of Septimus, an American journalist, and Rejoice, Laura’s African maid. These four offer their separate, but inter-related, views of the world—views at once all too familiar, and strange. Some things don’t change. Love and friendship; death and betrayal. History is just the accumulation of people’s lives, after all.


reviews FOR the dark tower

‘Beautifully written and constantly surprising.’
—Kate Saunders, The Times

‘I absolutely loved it.’
—Elizabeth Buchan

‘I thought the period detail was terrific… A really gripping narrative.’
—Ian Hislop

‘Koning handles the historical material so well, folding it into the narrative so lightly that there is never a sense of strain…’
—Helen Dunmore

The Dark Tower
Written by Christina Koning

ISBN 978-0956521446