London, 1927. An ‘unreal city’, full of fog, and cigarette smoke, and drifting shadows… Or that’s how it seems to Frederick Rowlands, who works as a switchboard operator for a firm of City solicitors.

With his sight badly damaged by shrapnel during the First World War, Fred is forced to rely on his other senses to understand what’s going on. Being a blind man in a sighted world hasn’t been easy, but with the stoicism so characteristic of his generation, he’s made a life for himself. Then something happens which threatens to destroy the safe, secure world Fred has established with his wife, Edith, and their young children. A call comes into the office from beautiful socialite, Lady Celia West, and – against his better judgement – Fred finds himself beguiled. Soon, he is ‘listening-in’ to more and more of Celia’s calls to her lover, Gerald Willoughby – who is also Fred’s boss, and former commanding officer. The illicit nature of what Fred is doing – and the fact that the calls are themselves clandestine – only adds to the excitement of being, however briefly, caught up in a more elegant and sophisticated world. Then a man is murdered, and things grow very much darker. Will Fred confess what he has overheard to the police – or will he risk everything, to protect the woman he loves… Line of Sight is the first in a proposed series of detective stories set in late 1920s London and featuring Frederick Rowlands, the ‘Blind Detective’. With shades of Hitchcock and overtones of Chandler, this is a story about secrets and lies, and about the way that the past can compromise the present. Employing the mechanisms of the classic detective story, it portrays a society deeply damaged by war, in which all certainties have been lost and nothing is as it seems.


“A great opener to what promises to be a compulsively readable new series...”
—Heat Magazine

“Beautifully envisioned... with great attention to period detail, Koning has wholly captured the flavour of the era”
—The Lady

“A beautifully nuanced study of social life in the early 1920s and a gripping murder mystery. Koning’s prose is as elegant and discreet as ever and her depiction of the carnage in the Flanders trenches is as powerful as any that I have read in contemporary fiction”
— Michael Arditti

“Touch, hearing, smell and visual memory created such a full world that it was hard to believe it hadn’t been described visually”
—Helen Dunmore

Line of Sight
Written by A.C. Koning

ISBN 978-0992746704