The Swinging Sixties are coming to an end, but for Constance Reason, living out her twilight years in the Sussex countryside, they have largely passed her by.

So she is in for a rude awakening, when her louche nephew, Sandy, turns up out of the blue, with his sinister boyfriend, Ray.Next on the scene is Iseult, Sandy’s unworldly cousin (who has rather an ill-judged crush on him) and his melodramatic Aunt Leonora, once a leading light of the West End stage. Quite a crowd – and that’s before Nick, a famous pop singer oozing bohemian decadence, appears, entourage in tow. Then all it takes is a whiff of midsummer madness - and marijuana - to unleash some very strange goings on indeed. Suddenly everybody’s having the time of their lives. The question is – will they all live to tell the tale?



‘Fabulous Time is a showcase for Christina Koning’s literary dexterity’
The Observer

‘A well-observed, artfully plotted and blackly comic piece of South Coast Gothic. It would make a good film’
Robert Irwin, TLS

‘Deliciously funny... Her subtle comedy is a delight’
The Independent

‘She makes you avid to know the destiny of all her characters’
—Penny Perrick, Sunday Times

Fabulous Time
Written by Christina Koning